The camera always close at hand, stylist Maurice Renoma tracks this funny animal who is the human being.
 Of this hunt to the playful and pacific man, he/it results from the pictures, such of the photographic trophies, that dive us in an universe astonishing of mid-human characters, mid-animals: Mythologies.
 Maurice Renoma, the" creator of a style, of a recognizable pace everywhere in the world ", non happy to dress the men, also dress the animals of his/her/its fabulous bestiaire: impeccable blazer, tie made of striped silk. The photograph of Maurice Renoma is a testimony amused of the" "human comedy to which delivers himself every day of weirdos that one calls men and women commonly. She/it invites to the game and the reflection while invoking the humor and the burlesque.
 The Mythologies of Maurice Renoma are played in elegant or relax holdings: his/her/its photos of men to heads of ostrich, monkey, dog or horse, of sensual feminine bodies to heads of cows and other smokers to horns, to hairs, to feathers...
"Ah, we are little thing, go! An ostrich, a dog? Not even: we are human. "
(Quotes of Pascal Lainé in" Mythologies of Maurice Renoma ", Marval editions)