September 18, 2010: it makes 40 YEARS. that JIMI HENDRIX left us. In order to do homage to the biggest guitarist of all times, Yazid Manou incontestable unconditional and specialist fan of Jimi Hendrix, chose RENOMA as a matter of course, mythical boutique of the Rue de la Pompe to welcome this exceptional event.

 Inescapable for the world of the music of the years 60-70, the Renoma boutique opened its doors to all stars, of the Stoneses in Dylan, while passing by the Beatleses and Claptons, creating his/her/its legendary history of style thus. Jimi Hendrix, and his/her/its revolutionary way to play the electric guitar, recall RENOMA that reinterpreted the fashion by his/her/its unique vision.

 Of September 16 in next December 16, stylist Maurice Renoma and Yazid Manou, present an unpublished exhibition of Jimi Hendrix that regroups 12 photographers: Jean-Christmas Coghe, Alain Dister, Claude Gassian, Bob Lampard, Sylvie Lèbre, Jean-Pierre Leloir, Gered Mankowitz, Dominique Petrolacci, Jean-Louis Rancurel, Christian Pink, Dominique Tarlé, Baron Wolman, and a selection of fund of rare and unpublished archives represented by the agency Getty Pictures.