In 1968, the house of Philips disks calls on Tony Frank to achieve portraits destined to a sleeve of disk. Five photos will finally be kept of this set. Serge Gainsbourg will say later than these portraits represent among his/her/its favorites. This moment marks the beginning of a long collaboration, of a relation of confidence and friendship. Tony will photograph Serge regularly at home kicks Verneuil, in studio, in family and in concert. He/it will achieve the famous photograph of the sleeve of Melody Nelson, his/her/its mythical disk, notably.
 The whole talent of Tony Frank is revealed in this work that looks at itself like an album of family photos. One discovers cordial and touching portraits of Serge Gainsbourg and his/her/its near (Jane Birkin, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Bamboo, Lulu.) there largely unpublished, revealing the human part, sometimes fragile, but always endearing of an outstanding artist.