Maurice Renoma, dressmaker and atypical and big stylist enthusiast of the picture under all his/her/its sewings, present his/her/its new collection of photographs titled Mythology II.

 After having made take out again the animal who sleeps lightly us of it in Mythology I, where he/it had dressed of his/its mythical blazers a whole bestiaire to hairs and to feathers, the dressmaker-photographer carries her reflection on another shape of duality: the one that exists between the man and the woman.

 On time where triumph the reign of the métrosexuels, übersexuels and other virilities revisited to the will of the tendencies by a consensual idealism, Maurice Renoma offers its vision of the androgynie while exposing hybrid beings: men and women at a time.

 S friend (e) or meetings of Maurice Renoma are transformed thus in males, bearded or no, that astride on an armchair, that the cigar or the cigarette to the beak, try to capture the look of the photographer, a suave glance or a stroke of kidney aguicheur, to make lose his/her head

 In each of us the man is, in each of us is also the woman. Maurice Renoma proposes a pacified version and comical of the man / woman duality, and, instigator of the masculine fashion without complex, have fun of the ambient androgynie.