After Gainsbourgs, the Rolling Stoneses and Jimi Hendrixes, Maurice Renoma gets involved in a new history of style while exposing a character who influenced the fashion strongly: James Dean.
 February 8, 2011 was the date of celebration of the 80 years of his/her/its birth. Inescapable actor of the years 50, eternal teenager become icon plurigénérationnelle, James Dean is yet underestimated for his/her/its numerous artistic talents: dancer, drawer, painter, sculptor, photographer, musician and producer.
 The stylist and scenographer Maurice Renoma aims her spotlights on the artistic genius of James Dean, with a specialist's help, Jean-Christmas Coghe, author of" Jimmy the Kid" to the HugoDoc editions.
 Of February 09 to May 09, 2011, Maurice Renoma and Jean-Christmas Coghes present an unpublished exhibition of James Dean that regroups the inescapable photographers and friends of James Dean: Sanford Roth, Roy Schatt, Dennis Stock and Phil Stern as well as a selection of fund of archives of Getty Pictures.
 Of the paintings, sculptures and personal objects of James Dean are also presented. Exhibition to the Renoma,129 boutique grayish-brown street of the Pump, Paris XVIe.