The look of Maurice Renoma is about the lightning race of" empire of the Middle" to catch up and to pass the biggest world capitalistic powers.
 Shanghai is one of the strong symbols of this astounding Chinese economic evolution that is revealed to the dressmaker-photographer's eyes in 1994 in a big white dustcloud.
 In 2010, the skyscraper emerged of the heavy passes stalinien and totalitarian. 16 years were sufficient at Shanghai to give itself/themselves a new face, a new look.
 It is what brought the dressmaker to photograph the Shanghai news, emerged of the Maoist ruins. A surprising city where modernity tempts to choke the austere tradition, a people's misery for that the human rights don't yet exist.
 The photographs chosen by Maurice Renoma date 1994 and 2010: 1994 were yesterday and 2010, today. To shortcoming the hp personal ix of these dates, the photographer captures the wild desire of Shanghai to catch up the lost time. To all price.